Friday, January 22, 2010

well well well.

it certainly has been awhile, huh? all too long, friend, all too long. Ah, but now that we are together again, what should I talk about? Such a predicament it is.

About once or twice a day, I say to myself, hey, that would be an interesting topic to write a blog about. but when i really start to think of it, and what i could and would say, it turns out i really dont have anything more than a series of random facts that sometimes relate.

for example, i say to myself, hey, i could write a rather entertaining blog about the oddities of my bathroom. oh, yes, i say to myself, that would be very interesting indeed. but then i realize there are only a small number of things i can elaborate on, and suddenly it is no longer a substantial blog entry. It would look something like this:

  1. The toilet paper must come out the top in the front. Please tell me i'm not the only person to do this. If the paper is coming out the wrong way, in a manner where you have to do an awkward kind of push-up on the roll to make it come out the bottom, I go out of my way to turn it around. Not like i have anything better to do as i sit there anyway, so why not.
  2. there is a blood stain on my bathroom rug. I think that i'm the only person in my house that notices it every time i go to the bathroom or shower, mostly because it was my nose bleed that put it there.
  3. the door is made of cheap wood with various amorphous, shapeless figures made of the patterns. possibly one of the most entertaining things to do after fixing the roll on the wall is make rational, coherent shapes that tell a story. The story is always different, and always slightly bizarre. A small test of the imagination, if you will.
  4. I do the above with the water droplets on the shower wall every morning.
now, as entertaining as this list may be, it is not nearly long enough to qualify as a full fledged blog entry. The other various topics I could write about include, but are never limited to, what i got for christmas, the nostalgia that comes with repeating holidays like christmas, my birthday, how much i hate having my birthday so close to christmas, why my new mac beats your pc, honor band, the new semester, the things i hate about the new semester, the things i hate about mrs mcmurtry - like surprise timed writings, the cruel and unusual deaths i think up for her during class instead of doing said timed writing, haley's new puppy, haley's boy problems, how cool her friends are and how i now understand why she goes to flomo so often, how i switched rooms with connor, the pros and cons of dating in high school, the pros and cons of doing various other things in high school, or even my opinion after watching the rocky horror picture show with my dad, who knows how to fit in at midnight showings of it.

these are all excellent ideas, and there are many others, but i find that none of them have the proper substance to fill a blog entry. or else i don't have the capacity as a writer to make a whole blog entry of them. one or the other. but all at once, they seem to be too much. i have so much on my mind and so much to talk about that it is simply overwhelming and impossible to stay on any one topic for long. but that's probably just the ADD at the same time.

anyway, if any of those topics particularly caught your eye, do tell and i'll try a little harder to make a whole blog of it. or at least expand on it in some way, however short that may be.

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  1. It annoys me when the toilet paper comes out in the front... it should be in the back. What the heck lol. Are we talking about the same thing?

    Anyways, you should ramble more about the pros/cons of dating/doing other things in high school. That sounds interesting. Also, McMurtry. McMurtry rants are amusing, because Krueger isn't nearly as evil and it's fun to hear how much you guys suffer : )