Friday, August 30, 2013

There's always good to offset the bad :)

I've been living at home for a few weeks now I guess, and what's happened? Quite a bit of bad luck, as life would have it. First, I had 18 hours worth of dental work. Party. Spinning off of that, I now have a perpetual and never ending toothache, which is splendid. To top off that, I did some work in the backyard and apparently got myself into poison ivy or something, because my hands, fingers, arms, and legs all burst into an itchy mess. My hands are so bubbly I look like a troll. It's just fantastic. Oh, and my dog has fleas again, which is just what I needed.

Then there was jury duty, which is always fun. Oh, and a total waste of my day. Lucky me though, I didn't get picked to actually serve on a jury. I talked my way out of that one. But during that day, I got exceptionally bored, and couldn't help but to notice a small blood blister on the tip of my finger, and so naturally I started gnawing at it OCD style until I had effectively chewed a hole in my finger. The blister was deeper than I had anticipated. So three days later, it still hurts like crazy whenever I touch anything (typing is hard with 9 fingers) or think about it too hard. So that's awesome. And to go with my finger, the back of my left ear feels like its drying up and getting ready to dissolve like Quirrell at the end of the first harry potter movie. But really, there's some kinda rash or something going on back there, and I don't like how it feels. So there's something else to worry about.

Bad things come in more than threes for me, I'm just that lucky. Fortunately, though, the bad has got to be behind me at this point. Over the past week, I've gone half an hour up the highway to see my friends at UNT a few times, and those trips have been fun. I'm going again tomorrow, with my friend Kim, who's in town from Kansas of all places. I haven't seen her in too long, so that'll be a fun reunion. Then Saturday, its down to Waco because ITS FOOTBALL SEASON BABY! I've been waiting to say that for longer than I'm willing to admit. It's especially good this year because it gets to serve as my excuse to go live college style for a day out of the week and escape adulthood. And there's no band. Which is a double edged thing I guess; I loved band, but God it's nice to get to tailgate and attend a football game properly. Free, too, because I have friends who can get tickets for me :)

--pause to scratch arms violently--

In other news, in my wayyyy too much free time while I wait for my job to start in just 11 days, I've started working out (which I never, ever saw myself doing voluntarily), my golf game has improved a bit, and my klout score has improved, as I've regressed to being a facebook junkie.

Basically, I can't wait for my job to start. Just so I have something to do all day, more than anything, because I know for sure that this job isn't going to be stellar. It's not the kind of job kids dream of having, but they hired me, and I'll love them until the end of time for giving me a job. And I'm sure I'll do well at it, whether I try or not, like much of everything else, so that's probably good. This probably falls under the category of things not to say online, especially about your employer in case they find and read it, but here goes: this wasn't the job I imagined having, even starting my senior year. I don't want to have to be the bad guy that calls when you're defaulting on your loan. That just sounds like it sucks. But as I haven't even started training yet, I'll go with it and try not to judge my new position too much before I really know what I've gotten myself into.

But if it does suck, then tough for me; I'll stick it out a year and then look for a completely different entry-level position that my major will get me. I hope no one will judge me too hard for being like, "look, I gave it a year, it wasn't for me, I'm trying something else before 40 years of my life pass me and I'm all, what the fuck just happened? I don't even like this job." Not to say I won't like it; it's just a nice back up plan.

Sorry, off topic. Back to the good things going on this weekend. It's football season. Today is DBGDD, or to spell it out to non-baylor-band-kids, its the Day Before GameDay Day. Just go with it, okay? Anyway, Saturday opens the season, then there'll be a party somewhere or I'll go out with friends or something, then Sunday I'm back in Dallas, and probably going to a Rangers game, which is just another dose of sporting awesomeness, because let's be real, its the Rangers, and they have a pretty good shot at winning. Not to mention there's a fireworks show after the game.

So yeah, I've had a whole bunch of bad things happen to me over the last week and a half. I've been more than miserable. But I've got so many good things coming up in the next three days, and I've had a couple good things over the past two weeks to where I'm pretty sure it all balances out. As bad as things get, it always seems to work out that way eventually.

Now I'm gonna go to bed, because I don't run, but I did it anyway and now I hurt all over.

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