Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Typewriter Challenge (?)

Okay so I dunno what to aall (call) this new challenge of mine. But it certainly needs a cool nae. mame. name! Something like the typewriter challenge or something. basically, no backspace. ever. doesnt matter why you want to use it, its offlimits. like it doesn't exist at all. It's actually quite difficult. Soo many things I want to change, already, and I'm just introducing the damn idea. Plus, its just natural to hit backspace when you tih hit a funny letter. but it really exposes your typing stkills . Really, just try it once, I dare you.

I actually got this idea from a long time ago when i ghad this conversation with a friend of mine (but isn't that where all my blog ideas come from?) Anna and I had a whole instandt message conevrsation where the backspace key was off limits and whatever you typed was what got sent. It was interesting to say the least, so why not share thefun. I'm really sad i ddint save that conversation, or else I'd post it here to show you just how bad it can get. But then again... I guess you're witnessing it right now. I also do dumb things like say stupid things or float - scratch that, I mean flat - out type the wrong word, like I just did. It also makes saying something a lot harder, since you can't go back and change your mind.

I thought of typewriter challenge, obviously, because in the good old days you ligitimately didn't have a backspace, or a spell check, obviously... but yeah, its almost like having a conversation, since everyone fucks up when they're talking too. It makes it real time, and just more real in general. No more rereading to make sure everything makes you look like who you want to look like. Just pure you. typos, thoughts, mess ups, everything, all on the page as you typed it. really. try it. best part is, it doesn't even matter what youre talking about. it can be anything at all and i pormiste ...promise... you'll mess it up somewhow. somehow. and find out that you tend to type letter combinations regardless of what word you intended. if you don't get what i'm talking about right now... really. try it.

little disclaimer, sometimes it legitmately looks like drunk texting, but just go with it. :) like right there... who says 'legitmately'. say that outloud. it sounds like its missing a whole syllable. but yeah, that was my thought of the night, and its like 3 am, and i can't really sleep. i messed up my whole sleeping schedule with all this working nonsense. I always uend up at someone's house after I get off, even if i get off at like 1 or 2. and then on my off days, like yesterday, i end up at someone's house, unable to drive for whatever readaon. reason. So last night I didn't get home until 4:30, and it was totally okay, according to my sleep schedule. Then I seleep until noon and life is great.

Only problem with that whole thing is poor Berkley. He likes to twake up at 6, and I can't seem to change his mind about that. So I get up shortly after I go to bed so the silly dog can pee and eat breakfast, then sleep for another 5 and a half ohurs. hours. my foot fell asleep. I don't know why I just typed that.

gahh. so hyper. but so tired. okay. I'm gonna stpo [stop] now and go to bed. or at least try to. this no backspacke thing is so frustrating, you definitely need to try it. nighty night everyone.


  1. Ha I barely remember that. I'm pretty sure we established that my typing skills are better (er...were better) than yours ;) we had such quality aim conversations back in the day...arghingishednesser and the like. Good times, good times...

    Oh, and you spelled legitimately wrong, haha :p

    (totally typed this comment with no backspace and only slightly more carefully than usual. AREN'T YOU PROUD OF ME?)

  2. hahaha yeah I realized I did that, but then decided it was still readable. arghingishednesserenfulicestimology.


    Except you spelling the last part of it wrong. Isn't it ...fulicismology?